The Safer Access LTD. Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) safety and security training is essential for humanitarian aid workers, human rights defenders, freelance journalists and others working in violent environments or remote areas. Unlike many courses of this nature, our flagship training has been designed from the ground up.

Utilizing workshops, role players, demonstrations and realistic scenarios, our unique three-day course enables participants the importance of the contextual approach and a security mindset, and trains them to recognize and avoid threats to their safety and security, as well as how to respond quickly and effectively should security or trauma/medical incident occur.

Although this training program includes classroom sessions, the focus is on scenario-based training, which provides students with genuine experiential learning by immersing them in the training and provides important opportunities for feedback and reflection. We develop the scenarios specifically for the students attending each course and the settings that they will be working in. Our scenarios are all based on real-life examples and the latest research into NGO security incidents.

This residential course is physically and mentally demanding. Participants will work long days and spend a considerable amount of time outdoors in unpredictable weather. However, our instructors are there to facilitate your learning and ensure your comfort and safety.