Safer Access Consulting is proud to have opened our first regional branch in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in 2019.  Though the crisis across the Sahel has, in its current format, been active for nearly a decade:  It is due to the recent alarming spike in violence throughout the region and particularly in Burkina Faso which has attracted us to come to serve the community here.  It is our fundamental belief that, if we can provide risk management and business continuity support to actors at this critical time, we can support longer-lasting solutions for organizations working in the area.
From this regional office, Safer Access is able to bring real-time contextualized solutions to organizations throughout the Sahel.  With our extensive local network, we are able to provide security and crisis management solutions immediately to our partners on the ground.  We are also able to provide detailed risk assessments due to our existing knowledge of the ground as well as our ability to access contacts through various sectors.  We are pleased to partner with a global GPS tracking provider which allows us to integrate our incident database for improved situational awareness for our clients.  Finally, as specialists in High-Risk Environment Awareness Trainings, we are able to provide contextualized training responding to the unique risks found throughout the Sahel.  We invite anyone who has current or future risk management interests in the Sahel area to contact us today.